TAIBH artists


EL Putnam – Pulse
El is a visual artist, scholar, and writer working predominately in performance art, video, sound, and interactive media. Her work draws from multiple themes and sources, including explorations of gender and sexuality, play, materialism, and the study of place, which she investigates through personal and cultural lenses. Her writing and research focuses on continental aesthetic philosophy, performance studies, digital studies, feminist theory, and examining the influence of neoliberalism on artistic production. EL has actively been presenting artworks and performances in the United States and Europe for the past decade, and has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 2009.

James Moran – A Reading from The Assassination of Pope Urban II by a Monster.
James is a Dublin comic. His work is surreal, looking at genre, fiction and the reality of staged characters. It’s primarily funny but it also makes you think. To date, James has performed in a spectrum of venues across Ireland (Project Arts Centre Irish Writers Centre, Workman’s Club). Although he is best known for his comedic style in his writing and on stage, usually performed within spoken word and stand-up contexts, in further
performative roles he has acted in visual art performance pieces at Project Arts Centre (The Centre For Dying On Stage #1, 2014; Foaming at the Mouth, Amsterdam, 2015), and in theatre pieces at Dublin Fringe Festival (Flemish Proverbs, Luncheonette, 2015). In 2014 he co-wrote and performed a show, Atom Tick, with Stephane Béna Hanly in Pallas Projects/Studios. He is currently working as an assistant director to Dick Walsh for the play George Bush and Children to be shown in Project Arts Centre in March.

Adele Marikar – Same Same but Different
Adele hails from Laois and currently resides in Dublin. She spent 5 years in Vancouver studying life, growing up and returning back to childhood. Through this return back to childhood she rediscovered the innocent, pure joy she found in the activities of which she used to partake, including exploration on the mind and bringing imagination to life. As she continues her Psychology studies in IADT. she has began delving into the world of
performing arts, breathing life into the fruits of her awareness and is excited to grow in this realm with you.

Róisin Jenkinson – Untitled
Róisin has always told stories in various forms and is fascinated by light, hence becoming a spoken word performance artist who uses audible language, the body and light to communicate relate able stories. While her primary form of artistry is poetry, she has transferred that through in variable forms and mediums of visual art, such as drawing, painting, photography, video and performance. She tells stories of the self in relation to nature; posing questions and reaching for light. Her work has a tendency to be reflective and meditative, as she has performed with iridescent film that projects and reflects colour when activated by casting light on it and through it. By being aware of her surroundings, she also collaborates with the audience (and in some instances, performers) by engaging mentally and/or interceding with poetic stories of travelling through life in search of light,
as in her performance The Storyteller, which she performed at The Complex with Livestock – performance art platform in March 2016. She has performed with Livestock on two occasions and has been involved in various ways since. Currently, she is interested in curatorial practice, having recently curated her first performance event, A Celebration of Creativity, in Howth, February 3rd 2017, which you can read about on El Putnam’s live art blog; inaction.ie. For further information, you can visit her artist page on Facebook and see what herself and other artists are doing creatively. You can contact her at roisinjenkinson91@gmail.com

Ciarán O’Keeffe – These Are Its Colours
Ciarán O’Keeffe’s practice moves between truth and non-truth, looking at the confusion, absurdity and wonder of being one person among 7.5 billion.
He has presented work in numerous venues from IMMA, RHA, Project Arts Centre, London’s National Theatre and Off-Broadway to Pantibar, Electric Picnic, his own bedroom and the toilets of the old Market Studios.

Daragh Matthews – Twitching
I am a second-year photography student at IADT, which has gradually exposed me to various media and means of expression.My first encounter with anything performance related would be the years I spent in gymnastics, which (looking back) helped build a base and develop a use one’s body within an art piece, where I learned to be fully aware of my body.
I took a performance art workshop headed by Ciaran O’Keeffe, including a day lead by 4D Space, where I was fully introduced to the medium and how one goes about creating, developing and performing live art.
During the workshop, I performed two developed pieces, which were both well received, and also attended a Livestock performance event that really inspired me in the creation of my own work and performance art.

Emer O’Hara
Emer is a writer, storyteller and radio presenter from Mayo. She is a 3rd year English and History student in University College Dublin. As an actor she has performed with UCD Dramsoc, Mayo Youth Theatre, Dublin Youth Theatre and with National Youth Theatre (Salt Mountain, Space Upstairs, Project Arts Centre). She is Secretary of Belfield FM where she has been the host of two talk shows: ‘Campus Catch up with Emer’ and
‘Bain taitneamh as’ a bilingual show, as well as being involved as a co-host and guest in several other shows throughout her time with the station. You can listen to her current radio show ‘Don’t hate, educate’ every Wednesday at 4pm on http://www.belfieldfm.com/.

Sara Muthi – Cloth Piece
Born in Transylvania, Romania, Sara Muthi is a Dublin based artist & curator. Working primarily within concepts of painting & performance, she studied Fine Art Painting & Visual Culture at NCAD. During her studies is where she found an interest in the overlapping concepts of the permanence of painting and the temporality of performance, the interest which drives her practice.